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24-hour-towingAre you in need of a tow or roadside help? If so, you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do is tap (if using a fancy mobile phone) on the orange button at the top of this page or call us for immediate 24/7 assistance in Palo Alto, on Highway 101, Interstate 280, State Route 84, and Santa Clara County.

If yo haven’t reached the point where you’re ready to give us a ring and want to find out a little more about our 24-hour service options, please continue reading. If you stay on our awesome website long enough, there’s a good chance that you will come to understand that we provide the best towing and roadside help in this corner of the San Francisco Peninsula.

A major plus of our company is that we’re fully licensed and insured in California and through the United States. Our steady team of tow truck drivers and roadside technician pros are qualified and experienced – as well as friendly and professional.

We completely understand that troubles on the road oftentimes require prompt action from our employees to properly assist you. To limit the amount of time that you may be stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot, we strive to reach you as fast as humanly possible to get you back on your way and on with our life.

Call Palo Alto Towing now for fast, efficient and low-cost towing and roadside assistance in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, the San Francisco Bay, Stanford, and beyond.

Towing & Roadside Services

We provide a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency towing and roadside services. Because we possess a dynamic fleet of traditional dolly and flatbed tow trucks – to go with a strong team of expert drivers – we are able to deliver the these roadside options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Emergency towing

Emergencies and other road problems can occur at any time and to the very best drivers. Being in the roadside assistance biz for as long as we have, we know this well. Because of that we offer around the clock services throughout the year – including all holidays and weekends.

Regardless of the time of day or your location in the Palo Alto region, we are prepared to assist you with winch and pull out towing and wrecker service, accident recovery, flat tire changes, battery jump starts and charges, lockout assistance, and much more.

Car accident recovery

Thank to our region’s sometimes slippery road conditions, bustling expressways, freeways, and streets, and hilly terrain, car accidents happen occasionally. In such cases, we provide safe, careful, and dependable assistance that is prompt.

In many instances, accidents to cars, trucks, jeeps and SUVs leave them in a damaged condition where they cannot be safely driven. No matter the type of car you own or its size, our tow operators have the skill and know-how to transport it to a nearby repair shop, your home, or another desired location.

Long distance flatbed towing

Some circumstances call for a flatbed truck instead of a traditional dolly tow truck. When a car needs to be towed a long distance, flatbed towing is often the best method for the job.

We possess state of the art flatbeds that prevent damage and keep vehicles safe from harm across many miles on the road. We are licensed to transport all types of vehicles, including classic and vintage cars and vehicles from car dealerships, throughout California and the USA.

Winch and pull out

All that is required for a car to slip off the road into a creek bed, ditch, or another undesirable location is a slick road or street. For such incidents, a sturdy tow truck is the best tool to pull a vehicle out and get it back on the road.

We own modern equipment and have the expertise to pull and winch all kinds and sizes of vehicles securely without inflicting more damage on the automobile. Ideally, the winched-out vehicle is in a state that it can still be driven. If it can’t be, we will happily transport it to a repair shop or location of your choice.

Heavy duty towing

Semis, tractor trailers and other large heavy duty trucks occasionally slide off the road or are involved in accidents in our nearby freeways and hilly roads. For such instances, we use our largest, most reliable tow trucks for pull outs and transport. Because time is often money for semi deliveries, we work fast.

We are also capable of towing large farm equipment, buses, limos, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), construction equipment and more at fairly priced rates.

Specialty car towing

In addition to heavy duty autos, we also successfully transport specialty cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), motorcycles, vintage cars, classic cars, antique cars, sports cars and more. Our tow drivers who are specially trained and experienced in hitching and moving all types of vehicles.

For specialty jobs, contact us ahead of time for free and accurate estimates – with no obligation.

Abandoned & unauthorized vehicle removal

Unwanted vehicles at public places and private residences can be a major frustration. Relax, we remove abandoned and unregistered cars at the cost of the vehicle owner. Has a car has been left in your driveway, parking lot, or your rental property or commercial business for hours, days or longer? Call us for fast towing removal.

We deliver removal services at shopping malls and retail centers, office building parking lots, construction sites, private and public schools, vacant and abandoned homes, rental apartments and properties, private homes and residences, street parking, and more.

Junk car removal

We pay cold hard cash on demand for old automobiles that no longer run or are in such a condition that they cannot be repaired. We also tow them off your property for free. We want the parts … so it doesn’t matter what year, condition or type of vehicle it is that you want gone for good.

We’ll get rid of the car in no time and give you peace of mind by removing dangerous junk car parts, like broken glass and sharp rusty metal. 

Roadside assistance

Problems are bound to arise during local and long-distance commutes. Even the most prepared and careful drivers will endure a flat tire, dead battery, or run out of gas on a trip.

For that reason, we’re always open to lend a hand in those emergency situations. We provide reliable and affordable 24-hour battery jump starts and charges, tire changes for flats, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, windshield and glass repair and replacement, engine and breakdown repairs, and a wide-range of accident recovery service.


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Best towing service in Silicon Valley

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a towing company in Palo Alto, CA. We readily admit that a handful of our competitors do decent work and have solid customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Since you’re on our web page, we appreciate that you have considered us for your roadside needs. Please choose us for the following reasons (and others we cannot possibly fit on one website):

  • We are prompt. Our objective is to reach you within 30-45 minutes … hopefully sooner. It doesn’t matter where you are in our coverage area in Silicon Valley. When we get to you, efficiency in getting you back on the road and onto your final destination fast is a top goal of ours.
  • Our rates are affordable. The average person doesn’t budget for towing and roadside assistance needs. Knowing this, we deliver low-cost service that won’t destroy your bank account, or drain you wallet or purse of needed funds.
  • Our roadside and towing professionals are friendly. In addition to having a positive and helpful attitude, our employees are highly qualified, intensely trained and have passed all required background checks.
  • We stay in touch. From the time you call for service until the job is complete we communicate with you regularly. We keep you updated with key details and our progress .
  • We’re safe. We use only durable and modern trucks and equipment paired with drivers and technicians that are cautious. Their top priority is to keep you and yours safe from the dangers of our area’s roads, streets, and expressways.

If by some odd chance that you forget how to find us, just type or tap “tow truck Palo Alto” or “best towing near me” into Google. Our company will be listed right near the top.

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